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The C-Thru Garden Room has all the charm and grace of our Sunrooms and features the added beaut of our highly insulated Weather Guard roof system.  Your room will remain bright and inviting staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Your nee Garden Room will quickly become the most lived in room in your entire home!

      The C-Thru Garden Room offers a unique feel with its gable roof design.  The vaulted cathedral ceiling and the peaked front will give a very rich and spacious impression while allowing plenty of indirect light in.

      Our Garden Room is the perfect fit for those wanting a sunroom but with a little more of the "room" feeling.


Breathtaking Charm and Grace

Return On Investment


Sunroom Additions



Adding Skylights



Major Kitchen Remodeling



Adding a Wood Deck



Adding Insulation



New Windows/Doors



Room Addition



Adding a Swimming Pool



  1. Solid Insulated Roof System          C-Thru''s patented solid insulated roof system is highly insulated, strong enough to walk on and very low maintenance
  2. Optional Fan/Ceiling Light Beam     Can be placed throughout the roof to attach fans and lighting while concealing all electrical wiring.
  3. Heavy Duty Gutter with Optional Leaf Guard

A Room for Every Reason

It's true that sunrooms create a beautiful and dreamy retreat for you and your family.  But don't be surprised if  you find yourself inhabiting your new sunroom more than any room in the house!

      By day, your sunroom may become an expansive kids rec room, hobby room, or home office.  By night, your sunroom may quickly be transformed into a magnificent entertainment area or a romantic getaway.  the uses are  nearly as endless as the views on a starry night.


10 Rooms in   1

Living Room

Home Gym

Family Room

Kids Rec Room

Home Office

Spa Room

Mud Room

Breakfast Nook

Poolside Room

Hobby & Crafts Room

All for the cost of only one room!

Gabled Roof Sunroom
Gabled Roof Sunroom
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