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Relax. You're Buying the Best Room with the Best Warranty.

Patio Rooms


Not Your Ordinary Patio Enclosure

Since its introduction more than three decades ago, C-Thru's Patio Room has evolved into the perfect blend of beauty, functional design and affordability.

      We have taken the Patio Room from ordinary to extraordinary! Starting with our insulated Weather Guard roof system, your new room will have a feel for year-round comfort not seen in most other Patio Enclosures.  Plus with our extensive list of options and upgrades, like, sliding glass doors, french doors, glass kick plates and upper transoms, you can transform your Patio Enclosure in to a dream come true! 


Studio Patio Enclosure



by C-Thru

Studio Patio Enclosure

Beware of  look-a-like Imitations

Studio Patio Enclosure


Another reason to choose a C-Thru Sunroom is that we have been manufacturing the highest quality sunrooms and components or over 65 years.  It's the kind of experience coupled with our constant innovations that allows us to confidently offer the industry's most aggressive warranty - for life!

Other sunrooms may look the same, but unless they bear the C-Thru name, buyer beware!

     The many patented and exclusive features we offer mean superior performance for you.  C-Thru's products are designed to meet or exceed most building code structural requirements, and have over a half a century of successful installations.

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