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Solar Screen

Twtichell's Solar Screen is a durable and tough TEXTILENE® brand synthetic fabric made of PVC coated polyester. Designed to reduce heat transfer through windows, this fabric also reduces the glare and harmful rays from the sun. While blocking the sun's rays, Solar Screen will reduce energy cost and provide protection to your indoor furnishings. Flame resistant and fade resistant, Solar Screen is a durable alternative for insect screen. Excellent for daytime privacy without blocking the view, this versatile fabric will endure years of outdoor use.


​80 % Colors - Black,  Desert Sand, White, Beige, and Brown

90% - Beige, Black, Brown, Desert Sand, and Grey

95% Nano Colors - Espresso, Bone, Shadow Texture, Charcoal, Granite, Tobacco, White, Sable, and Stone Texture



Available in 80%, 90%, and 95% Nano Sun Block
White Solar Block Screen
90 % Solar Screen
White Solar Block inside looking out
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