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About our Materials

We Manufacture everything in the United States with USA made materials and Suppliers
Serving Supply, NC & Surrounding Areas

     Our screening is a highly developed textile mesh, it's not screen at all. The fabric utilizes an extrusion-coated polyester core yarn which extends the life 10 years or more. In fact the screen is so strong it is Golf Ball Proof, Animal Tear Proof, it can hold 800+ LBS. per square foot, and withstand 185 MPH winds.


    The screen has a memory (much like fishing line) and when correctly installed in the engineered aluminum framing (Designed for our screen), it continues to pull itself tight year after year. Therefore it doesn't get wavey or loose with age. Plants inside the screened area Love our screen too!!


    The extruded aluminum framing is powder coated for years of maintenance free enjoyment. Available in white and Bronze.

    Compare features. Compare durability. Compare costs. Over the life of the fabric, with an unmatched warranty, SuperScreen™ will prove to be a smart, worry free investment.

    Durability: The strength of our fabric provides increased resistance to punctures and tears caused by falling debris as well as better protection from pet damage, thereby extending the useful life of the product.

    UV Protection/Stable: The UV properties of our material increase the longevity of the fabric while addressing health and safety concerns by providing excellent solar protection. Air and light are able to pass through while blocking some of the damaging rays from the sun.

    Mildew Resistant: Biocide is compounded directly into our extrusion coated yarn for extended mildew resistance.

    Insect Protection: With the recent health concerns over insect-related illnesses, the tight weave of InsectProTex helps guard against the spread of disease.

    Privacy: The construction of our fabric inhibits visibility from the outside while offering a clear view from the inside.

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